Burglar Alarms

Detect movement, glass cuts or glass breaks to prevent intrusions in your home or office. Pet-immune motion systems are available. Protect your belongings or company assets with 4 Alarm Service.

Our graphic touchscreen keypad is available in black or white and blends with any décor.


All system functions can be accessed via a carousel menu on the large 5” color touchscreen. Even your local weather and temperature is displayed.

The Aqualite deluxe keypad displays all of the functions in plain English with customized descriptions suited to your home or business. The backlighting is blue.
The Thinline deluxe keypad has the same features as the Aqualite keypad with green backlighting.


All of these keypads can be configured with keyless arming & disarming via a proximity coin device about the size of a quarter.

This is our standard Icon symbol keypad suited for low budget installations where management functions available in the deluxe series keypads isn’t warranted.